virgin islands zip code

Virgin Islands zip code list

virgin islands zip code

U.S virgin islands zip code list covers 16 zip codes, including 5 cities and 3 counties. The U.S Virgin Islands are a group of islands and islets in the Caribbean. The US Virgin Islands is known for its white sand beaches, coral reefs and beautiful hills. St. Thomas island is home to the capital ,Charlotte Amalie.

Zip CodeCityCounty
00801St ThomasSaint Thomas
00802St ThomasSaint Thomas
00803St ThomasSaint Thomas
00804St ThomasSaint Thomas
00805St ThomasSaint Thomas
00820ChristianstedSaint Croix
00821ChristianstedSaint Croix
00822ChristianstedSaint Croix
00823ChristianstedSaint Croix
00824ChristianstedSaint Croix
00830St JohnSaint John
00831St JohnSaint John
00840FrederikstedSaint Croix
00841FrederikstedSaint Croix
00850KingshillSaint Croix
00851KingshillSaint Croix
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