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delaware zip code

Delaware zip codes include total of 96 zip codes, in which there are 67 cities and 3 counties. Dover being the capital city of delaware, united states. Delaware, a small U.S. state off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, is located on an island lined with sandy beaches with sand dunes near the Atlantic Ocean, the Delaware River, and the delaware bay. Dover is a home to the first Amasa Museum is a relic of 18th-century colonial history like the Old Georgia Museum. Wilmington is famous for its beaches, coastal district and parks, shops and restaurants. All the delaware zip codes are listed below with detailed information of each and every zip code.

Zip CodeCityCountyZip Code Map
19701BearNew CastleSee Map
19702NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19703ClaymontNew CastleSee Map
19706Delaware CityNew CastleSee Map
19707HockessinNew CastleSee Map
19708KirkwoodNew CastleSee Map
19709MiddletownNew CastleSee Map
19710MontchaninNew CastleSee Map
19711NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19712NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19713NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19714NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19715NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19716NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19717NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19718NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19720New CastleNew CastleSee Map
19721New CastleNew CastleSee Map
19725NewarkNew CastleSee Map
19726New CastleNew CastleSee Map
19730OdessaNew CastleSee Map
19731Port PennNew CastleSee Map
19732RocklandNew CastleSee Map
19733Saint GeorgesNew CastleSee Map
19734TownsendNew CastleSee Map
19735WinterthurNew CastleSee Map
19736YorklynNew CastleSee Map
19801WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19802WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19803WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19804WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19805WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19806WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19807WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19808WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19809WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19810WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19850WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19880WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19884WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19885WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19886WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19890WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19891WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19892WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19893WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19894WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19895WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19896WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19897WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19898WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19899WilmingtonNew CastleSee Map
19901DoverKentSee Map
19902Dover AFBKentSee Map
19903DoverKentSee Map
19904DoverKentSee Map
19905DoverKentSee Map
19906DoverKentSee Map
19930Bethany BeachSussexSee Map
19931BethelSussexSee Map
19933BridgevilleSussexSee Map
19934Camden KentSee Map
19936CheswoldKentSee Map
19938ClaytonKentSee Map
19939DagsboroSussexSee Map
19940DelmarSussexSee Map
19941EllendaleSussexSee Map
19943FeltonKentSee Map
19944Fenwick IslandSussexSee Map
19945FrankfordSussexSee Map
19946FredericaKentSee Map
19947GeorgetownSussexSee Map
19950GreenwoodSussexSee Map
19951HarbesonSussexSee Map
19952HarringtonKentSee Map
19953HartlyKentSee Map
19954HoustonKentSee Map
19955KentonKentSee Map
19956LaurelSussexSee Map
19958LewesSussexSee Map
19960LincolnSussexSee Map
19961Little CreekKentSee Map
19962MagnoliaKentSee Map
19963MilfordSussexSee Map
19964MarydelKentSee Map
19966MillsboroSussexSee Map
19967MillvilleSussexSee Map
19968MiltonSussexSee Map
19969NassauSussexSee Map
19970Ocean ViewSussexSee Map
19971Rehoboth BeachSussexSee Map
19973SeafordSussexSee Map
19975SelbyvilleSussexSee Map
19977SmyrnaKentSee Map
19979ViolaKentSee Map
19980WoodsideKentSee Map

Here are Top 5 populated Delaware zip codes by cities

  • Wilmington delaware zip code : It is the most populated city in delaware state which is located in new castle county. As per the US census may 2020 total population for the wilmington city was 70,644.
  • Dover delaware zip code : It is located in the kent county of the delaware state. The total population was 37,523 as per the US census may 2020.
  • Newark delaware zip code : It is located in the new castle county of delaware state. The total population of newark city was 33,448 as per the US census may 2020.
  • Middletown delaware zip code : It is located in the new castle county of delaware state. The total population of middletown city was 21,692 as per the US census may 2020.
  • Bear delaware zip code : It is located in the new castle county of delaware state. The population of the bear city was 20,850 as per the US census may 2020.

Top 5 zip code cities in Delaware by area

  • Dover 62.11km2
  • Wilmington 44.5km2
  • Middletown 32.04 km2
  • Milford 25.54 km2
  • Newark 24.37km2

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