newark delaware zip code

Newark delaware zip code

newark delaware zip code

Newark delaware zip code list include total of 10 zip codes which is listed below. Newark city is located in the new castle county of delaware state. Newark is a small city in Delaware which is famous for green areas such as Rittenhouse Park and a stream full of trout. There are miles of forest trails on the edge of White Clay Creek National Park, as well as the late 18th century mansion on Justice Morris Estate.

Zip CodeCountyState
19702New CastleDelaware
19711New CastleDelaware
19712New CastleDelaware
19713New CastleDelaware
19714New CastleDelaware
19715New CastleDelaware
19716New CastleDelaware
19717New CastleDelaware
19718New CastleDelaware
19725New CastleDelaware
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